How to use Badoo? It's free?

It has more than 338 million users around the world, which means it’s very big.

Just like the famous apps Lovoo , Meetme , Tinder ,  this is an almost free app for meeting people.

That’s right, despite the fame of Badoo Free, the reality is not quite like that. The functionalities are limited and to explore its full potential on the network it will be necessary to resort to some type of subscription.

Even so, it is necessary to give merit to the application, because the features are many.

The next topics will help you understand more about how Badoo works and why the application is loved and hated by everyone.

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Social network or dating site?

Many people, before joining Badoo, want to know a little more about the network. So let’s tell a little history.

The network was created in 2006 by Russian businessman Andrey Andreev and today operates in more than 180 countries. Its main operations take place in France, Italy and throughout Latin America.

The app’s segment is to offer the chance to have meetings that can be from different types of origins. It is worth noting that the application currently appeals to heterosexuals, bisexuals and homosexuals.

The target audience is as varied as possible, which promotes the experience of meeting lots of different people.

The site is very common in all locations and especially in medium-sized or small cities.

In these places, it is very common to meet people from other nearby cities. However, there are always some risks.

The main thing is to meet bad people. After all, you still don’t know who is using the application.

However, it is worth highlighting that the application is not all bad and there will always be exceptions to the rule.

Badoo’s main tools and features

Even in front of all the rich people, it is necessary to show that the dating site offers many features. There are several options, but some stand out and knowing which ones are important, see below:

1. Badoo Encontros

Although you can’t know who you’re talking to, you can like the photo and all through the encounters.

It is also allowed to read the biography and if the other person likes your photo, you will have the famous “match”.

2. People nearby

The page gives you the chance to see people who are close to you and everything is marked via mileage.

You can still filter: age, gender and whether you are online or not. In other words, this functionality is good and bad at the same time.

3. Badoo Premium

If you want to chat with more people, opting for the Premium version can be very interesting and advantageous.

Offering the chance to be an invisible user and even chat with users who have just registered.

4. Video chat

This is a new chat feature, but it will deserve attention and the reason is simple: there is pornography.

This is a very dangerous point, because most dating apps will always fall for easy sex.

The downside of joining Badoo

Since not everything can be perfect, the site has disadvantages. Check it out below:

1. You have to pay for almost everything

Superpowers don’t last long and being a Badoo Premium user can be quite expensive, as you have to pay. Some people stop using the app due to this issue, so it is a risk and many don’t like it very much.

2. Mass audience

You will face a lot of competition and if you want to “cut the queue”, you will have to choose to pay to use.

Furthermore, if you are a woman, you will probably receive “nudes” all the time and that is never very interesting.

3. Anyone sends you a message

It is likely that you will receive a lot of messages and there will be no control, so it is not pleasant at all. This failure in privacy means that women end up suffering more and end up giving up.

4. Many people just wanting casual sex

This is another disadvantage that deserves to be highlighted, because the number of married people is very large.

The chance of you finding someone just wanting to talk is very small, therefore, it is not advantageous.

5. Many fake profiles

Not to mention the frequent complaints about fake profiles. There are many people who create fake profiles either to avoid getting bored or even to carry out scams. So, you can’t be too careful.

6. Constant avoidance

Another negative point is that people’s presence can be fleeting. You meet a super interesting person and tomorrow they have already deleted the account without even saying goodbye.

This is a bad and disappointing side, typical of almost free dating sites with easy registration.


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