How to spot a real sugar daddy

Finding a real sugar daddy can be a complicated task. Sugar daddies are rare men and you need to know where and how to find them

Many people are curious about how to be a Sugar Daddy and achieve this status correctly!

After all, anyone who believes you just need money and “that’s it” is wrong. That’s not exactly how a sugar relationship works.

And to answer all your questions about the topic, we created this complete guide with absolutely everything about Sugar Daddy. Follow and understand!

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What is a Sugar Daddy?

Literally translated, Sugar Daddy can be understood as “Sugar Daddy”.

Basically, he is a mature, successful man who is looking for a mutually beneficial relationship.

In other words, he offers treats, comfort and money to his Sugar Baby, and in return she offers him whatever they both agree on.

It’s like a common romantic relationship, but with a kind of “contract” behind it.

A sugar daddy expects his chosen sugar baby to experience adventures, moments of pleasure, laughter, fun and a life full of luxuries with him.

However, so that this sugar relationship does not join the list of summer loves, you need to know a little more about the profile of these men and what they expect from this type of relationship.

Are you curious about how to be a Sugar Daddy? Then follow the next topics in this text.

9 characteristics to be an original Sugar Daddy

As we mentioned at the beginning of this content, it is not enough to have money and believe that this is the secret to being a Sugar Daddy,

If you think that way, you could fall into a trap and end up getting involved with some ill-intentioned Sugar Baby. So keep an eye out!

See below what are the characteristics to be a real Sugar Daddy :

1. Successful and straightforward

Sugar Daddy is a successful and ambitious man who achieves everything he sets his mind to.

He is a mature man of character. He doesn’t need to beat around the bush, likes things to be clear and always gets straight to the point, as there is no time to waste.

2. Dedicated and hardworking

He certainly dedicated himself for many years to building a stable life for himself and his family.

Sugar daddies are usually business people or directors of large companies who have reached the top of their professional career, but now want to dedicate more time to themselves.

3. Likes pleasures and luxury

A Sugar Daddy is usually focused, reserved and very demanding. His trajectory of power generates admiration and respect from others.

He has a high standard of living and is therefore a natural appreciator of luxury and sophistication.

4. Hates vulgarity and childishness

This type of man runs away from vulgar, unambitious or futile women. He wants an attractive, ambitious and open-minded Sugar Baby .

Childish games or indirectness are not part of a relationship with a good “Sugar Daddy”.

5. They are looking for someone special

He is looking for a solid relationship and someone who is really worth investing in.

Real Sugar Daddies want to bet on someone strong and deserving. He will provide everything necessary for your Sugar Baby’s dreams to be achieved.

6. They want a different relationship

After living in traditional and monotonous relationships, you are looking for excitement. Generally a Sugar Daddy looks for someone light and at the same time intense to share moments with.

He seeks pleasure and honesty in a relationship. He wants to release his desires and fantasies with someone willing to please him and not disappoint him.

7. They are willing to pay

Money is not a problem for a Sugar Daddy. He will always be willing to pay whatever is necessary, as long as he is rewarded for it.

For this reason he will always talk openly about everything he can provide you and what the conditions are.

8. They want discretion and tranquillity

Most Sugar Daddies want discreet people. The fact that it is a sugar relationship must be kept secret.

No exposing yourself on social media or sharing details of your intimate life with everyone. Sugar Daddies hate being exposed.

9. They expect to be surprised

Even if a man like this thinks he has total control of the situation at all times, deep down he wants to be surprised.

They want original, different Sugar Babies with attitude. They want to experience new and memorable moments.

7 reasons to be a sugar daddy

Many people question several aspects of sugar dating. And the reason that leads a man to be a Sugar Daddy is one of them.

This is a question that is constantly asked and that is why below we explain the 7 main reasons why men become Sugar Daddies and look for a sugar relationship instead of a traditional one.

1. Search for respect and admiration

Many men who become Sugar Daddies are looking for something they don’t get from their family or profession: recognition.

Many of them, despite being successful and financially stable, do not receive or feel enough admiration.

This need to feel really important makes them look for a sugar relationship where their Sugar Baby will meet this need.

Many relationships of this type, in addition to the Sugar Baby having financial help, often consider their Sugar Daddy as a true mentor, and treat him with respect and admiration.

The sponsor becomes a true example to be followed and an inspiration, and that is why more and more men are looking for relationships of this style.

2. Generous heart in search of a Cinderella

Another reason that makes a man become a Sugar Daddy is his generous spirit and the need to help.

Even though it may seem false, there are many men who seek relationships of this type to contribute to the personal, professional and financial growth of a girl who is going through difficulties and who really has potential and deserves to have this support.

Which can be understood perfectly, since for a Sugar Daddy money is not a problem. So the expenses associated with having a Sugar Baby are not an obstacle or concern.

Some Sugar Daddies really have a good heart and depending on the level of the relationship, they will make real efforts to help their partner in whatever is necessary. He has the need to pamper and mold his ward.

3. Leave the routine and explore new horizons

Most Sugar Daddies are between 40 and 60 years old and have had a traditional life, went to college, got married young and soon after had children.

Therefore, many of them want to leave routine and traditional relationships aside to embark on a new adventure where they feel alive and make new discoveries.

From this, many of them want to have a Sugar Baby who has clear ideas and is willing to live unforgettable and different moments.

After all, why not pay a younger woman’s expenses and have her company to spend pleasant moments?

Escaping the monotony and routine of a traditional relationship or a highly regimented life like that of a successful businessman is one of the main reasons for becoming a Sugar Daddy.

4. Uncomplicated and objective relationship

When it comes to relationships, there are always a lot of lies, infidelities, games, etc. All of this is highly harmful to both of you, as well as being a huge waste of time.

Especially when it’s a more mature man with a younger woman. That’s why men become Sugar Daddies, to avoid the complications of normal dating.

A Sugar relationship is transparent and true, done on your terms. It’s like a business that benefits both parties, clearly and objectively.

Therefore, men increasingly want to have a Sugar Baby in whom everything can be said without resentment or half words.

It is a modern and practical relationship and for this reason it has increased so much in recent times.

5. Superiority and power and domineering spirit

This can be considered a negative point that leads some men to be a Sugar Daddy.

There are men who feel superior to others and have the need to exercise power and total control over another person, which is why they look for a Sugar Baby.

Some of them want to exert all their dominance over their partner, going as far as disrespecting or humiliating them, just to stroke their ego and feel like a big domineering boss.

Be careful if you come across a profile of this type, moreover, if you are thinking of being a Sugar Daddy for this reason, be careful, because bullying is a crime.

It’s better to look for some sport to release your energy.

6. Positively change someone’s life

They have already reached a level of life where money or material goods are no longer a problem, but a solution.

Therefore, some Sugar Daddies are looking for a princess. They want to pamper her and treat her well, do their best to see her happy by her side. This gives you a feeling of importance, duty accomplished and even a certain spirit of charity for helping someone change their life.

7. Explore fantasies and fetishes

Let’s be realistic. There are many Sugar Daddy men just looking for sexual adventures. They want new emotions with different partners.

Perhaps, after many years repressed in traditional relationships, they look for open-minded people capable of satisfying all their hidden desires and fantasies.

3 tips for being a respectful Sugar Daddy

Now that you know what the main characteristics of a Sugar Daddy are, and you understand the reasons why this position is so interesting, check out our tips for being an incredible Sugar Daddy:

1. Establish the agreement in advance

To avoid misunderstandings or disappointments when meeting a candidate on a sugar baby website, for example, talk about your conditions to help and your expectations for this.

Don’t start this subject in the first message, but as soon as there is more intimacy it is good to make things clear between you both.

2. Don’t give false hope

Yes, a sugar relationship can be emotionally involved! It’s natural that two people who spend quality time together end up getting involved or even falling in love.

But don’t use the heart of a Sugar Baby, especially beginners, to hook him. That would be a dirty game that will lead nowhere.

Avoid making false promises or lying just for your own benefit. Remember that the relationship is of mutual benefit .

3. Be safe before being a Sugar Daddy

If you are in doubt and are not sure if you want to enter the world of real sugar, wait!

Search for more information, visit sugar dating sites to find out. But before taking the first step of approaching a Sugar Baby, be sure that this is the type of relationship that will fulfill you.


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