5 passionate programs for lover's day

We know that the most common thing is to associate the term “lover” as something negative, since “lovers” are seen as unfaithful people who betray their partners.

However, we cannot forget that a real couple can see the other as their lover, too.

You know that statement about you being my friend, my love, my lover, etc? Many couples fantasize and sometimes see their partners as lovers and live “forbidden adventures”.

This is very healthy and can increase that missing spark in the relationship.

Well, regardless of whether you have a real lover or just one in your imagination, we present the best plans to celebrate Lover’s Day in style.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until September 22nd… You can use our tips to surprise your lover on their birthday, special dates or any other day to make them even more impressed.

Let’s go?

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1. A romantic dinner at your home

A dinner at home to celebrate Lover’s Day. If money is tight, or you prefer not to risk being caught in the act in public places, the best option is a dinner at home.

Calm down, better: a fancy dinner complete with rose petals on the house and wine.

That’s right, lovers are passionate and most of the time they seek in the other relationship what they don’t receive from their “official” partners.

So, have a good dinner, choose your favorite dish, buy good wine and pay attention to the details of the decoration.

Don’t forget that your menu cannot be too heavy, leave the feijoada for family Sunday and opt for light and smooth dishes.

A wine to break the ice and warm hearts, it’s fantastic. Bet on small details: like roses on the bedroom floor or dinner by candlelight.

2. An overnight stay in a motel’s presidential suite

A night at the motel to surprise. This program is one of the most requested to celebrate Lover’s Day.

You know that luxurious motel, with a whirlpool, lights, swimming pool, sunroof, sauna, waterfalls, mirror and even a pole dance bar? Well, book this suite for a long and pleasant night on Lover’s Day as a surprise at the motel.

There are well-equipped suites so you can have an unforgettable night of sex.

It’s certainly worth the investment to make this day a part of history. But be careful: competition increases on this date, so it’s best to book your suite at least a month in advance.

To spice up this night, opt for erotic items and ask the motel reception to leave wine or champagne ready for you when you enter.

If you can take your partner blindfolded, the surprise will be much better. When he sees that suite and you full of desire in your special lingerie, he will go crazy!

3. A short weekend trip

A good trip to enjoy the day isolated from the world or in a new environment

If your lover’s day is on a Friday, it’s perfect! You can organize a relaxing weekend somewhere far away so you won’t be discovered.

This way, you can enjoy peace of mind, go to the restaurant, cinema, etc. without being that worry of someone who has a detective on their tail.

This is the best gift for your lover, especially if he is an adventurer.

Besides, who doesn’t like to get out of the routine, break the rules, leave everything behind and live a little adventure? You can organize a more romantic, lively or sporting program… It depends on the couple’s profile.

A weekend at the beach is interesting, but look for quieter beaches to be more at ease.

Another option is to go to the mountains and spend the weekend with your lover in the mountains so you can be calm and in touch with nature.

4. A special dinner at a restaurant

Is there anything better than having sex, eating and sleeping? Well, if you want to have a good lover’s day, combining these three things can be incredible.

Choosing a good restaurant for dinner can be a special step to make your lover even more in love.

If there are no problems with maintaining the anonymity of the relationship, even better. You know that restaurant he – or she – has wanted to go to for a long time?

Make a reservation and ask for a table for two people. Nothing better than a good dinner and a good conversation to start the night.

After dinner, of course you will have to plan the next steps to extend the night and have moments of pleasure with your lover.

After all, during dinner the atmosphere must have certainly heated up. Between looks and glasses of wine, desire only increases. So, plan where you ended up for the night after dinner.

5. A bold sexual adventure

This is a good time to fulfill erotic fantasies. If you want to enjoy your lover’s day in a slightly more daring way, you’ll like these ideas.

If you and your partner have already talked about having sexual adventures and are in agreement, this could be the perfect opportunity to test it out.

You can perform some fetish, such as having sex in an unusual place like an elevator or dressing room.

Or even for couples who want to go further, try fantasies such as threesomes or swapping couples.

The most important thing is that you both are into each other and that you have already talked about it beforehand.

Otherwise, you could ruin your lover’s day and even lose your partner. Having a sexual adventure with your lover will definitely spice up the relationship even more.

Bonus: 5 tips to make your lover’s day perfect!

1. Send messages to your lover

Send a good morning message to your lover. A passionate text or a spicy phrase is also valid.

This is a good way to start the day by stirring up your lover’s desire so that he wants to see you as soon as possible. So he – or she – will be apprehensive and wishing to be on her side.

2. Take care of your look and surprise

Pay attention to lingerie, clothes and accessories. Oh, and don’t forget a good perfume! This tip is special.

Buy a different piece to surprise your partner. Daring underwear can spark even more passion and desire at the right time.

3. Invest in erotic games and accessories

If you are traditional, why not opt ​​for games or accessories to spice up that day? Use massage gel, stimulants, edible panties and many others!

The important thing is to let your imagination go and surprise . Many couples also like games such as position dice, board games or even a more sadomasochistic 50 Shades of Gray style kit.

4. Be original and creative

Do something new! Whether in bed or on a program… innovate! Lovers don’t like routine, they want to live new moments.

Regardless of your plan for Lover’s Day, choose something that you have never done before. A new restaurant, a new motel, a trip to an unknown place.

5. Be intense and show your feelings

Be in love. Show your passion and your love. For lover’s day to be special, your lover must feel loved and desired.

Be your whole self, let this passion shine through in every way. Caresses, gestures and looks sometimes speak more than a thousand words!

Now that you’ve seen our tips, bet on places to go out with your lover and make this day unforgettable by combining all the suggestions!


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