Say "stop!" – There are four circumstances in which it is preferable to end a relationship together.

Breaking up with your partner is never easy, especially when it comes to long-term relationships. But, like it or not, sometimes it’s better to end the relationship, sometimes you’d be better off on your own. As much as the idea of ​​being alone scares you, this fear is not a solid reason to stay in a pointless relationship.
Sometimes people break up over silly arguments or spur of the moment; but there is also the reverse of the situation : sometimes, people stay together for silly reasons or under the influence of habit…

4 situations in which it is better for you to end a relationship as a couple

♠ You are not treated well by your partner .

It is not for nothing that they say that love is blind! You tell yourself he loves you, but he still treats you terribly; you don’t want and you can’t accept the thought that maybe…he’s using you. A couple relationship must make you strong, confident, happy and fulfilled, not the opposite! When your partner makes you feel unimportant, tiny, inadequate, good for nothing, then something is clearly wrong.
When they either neglect you or criticize you, it is a form of emotional abuse; and you let the situation continue, you even start to believe that the other is right, that you are not good enough, that you do not deserve something better. If you are in a relationship with someone who does not treat you well, then you need to run away (when a normal person loves, offers appreciation, respect, support, not the other way around).

♠ You feel alone.

Sure, we all have moments of loneliness; but it is completely different when it often happens that you stay with your partner and still feel alone; to feel as if he doesn’t know you, doesn’t understand you. What makes a happy and healthy relationship is the connection created between two people who feel that they complement each other in a harmonious way . Without it, what holds you together? The habit? Fear of loneliness? Strictly physical attraction?

♠ You don’t (anymore) love.

Speaking of connection, it depends on feelings of affection. If you feel that you no longer love your partner, for what reasons would you continue the relationship? Are you afraid of hurting him/her? In the end, he will be hurt anyway. Attention: like everything in life, love evolves; surely you don’t love like you did in the beginning . There are different types of love, and when it comes to long relationships, it’s more of a strong affection, not crazy passion! You don’t stay in love with someone forever, it’s simply impossible.

But true love does not mean fluttering in the stomach, but an attachment based on knowledge, appreciation, trust . If, however, you no longer feel this either, if you look into his eyes and see nothing, if you feel empty inside, it is quite clear that continuing the relationship is only a postponement of the end, which can do more more bad than good.

♠ You are deceived.

Many relationships recover and heal after infidelity. When one of the partners cheats, everything shakes, but the two may rebuild their relationship over time. However, it is not the same if your partner constantly cheats on you, with one or more people. There is a saying: “once a cheater, always a cheater”; people who cheat more than once will most likely continue to do so!

Is this what you want, to live with someone who will always look the other way, who will always deceive you? Some seem like they can’t be satisfied with just one person. It’s their problem, you don’t deserve to be with someone who doesn’t love you enough to curb their desires. You must never accept such a thing!


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