Long Distance Dating: Is It Difficult? Does it work?

Dating is a phase of knowledge, discoveries and, above all, creating intimacy and better understanding each other’s tastes and individual personality, so this is an important phase of the relationship that will be decisive for the future of the couple.
But, how to live this passionate phase in which you want to be with your loved one all the time, miles away? If you also want to know how to deal with distance in a relationship, keep reading the article and check out our tips.

Does a Long Distance Relationship Work?

This is the first question that arises when faced with a situation of long-distance dating, because there are issues such as the division of comings and goings to see each other, quality time in the relationship and trust and organization so that everything works out.

However, long-distance dating does not mean that the relationship will not work out, on the contrary, there are couples who deal with it very well and are very happy regardless of not being together all the time.

A survey carried out by the Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships, in the United States, even points out that the chances for a long distance relationship to work is 73% , considering the duration of more than 6 months.

Therefore, a long-distance relationship has a great chance of working out and resulting in a long-lasting relationship, but for that, a lot of patience, a lot of companionship, and especially a lot of dialogue are needed, after all, distance is already an inevitable obstacle for the couple. and if the dialogue does not happen, it is impossible to remain in the relationship.

Having quality time is even more essential for those who are dating at a distance, after all, moments together are reduced and therefore, every minute together matters and to make it work, it is extremely important to dedicate yourself to the other when you are together.

Anyway, if you are starting a virtual relationship or started dating and for some reason now you will have to live a long-distance relationship, know that, yes, a long-distance relationship works, after all, what unites people is love and there are no physical limits for that feeling.

It should be noted that, in every relationship, whatever the model, making it work depends more on the effort and dedication that each one puts into the relationship to make it work, but, of course, there are some little things that can be done to make everything easier and ease the longing.

Is it difficult to date long distance?

To say that long-distance dating is easy is to neglect the reality of the facts, after all, keeping the relationship in line is not easy at all, even up close, so yes, long-distance dating requires a lot of effort from both parties to make it work .

Dealing with longing is the hardest part, because those who love want to stay close, want to share moments, live experiences together and this barrier is, without a doubt, the worst part of a long-distance relationship.

However, it is possible to deal with longing in a relationship and make it even one more reason to stay in the relationship, since the moment to kill the longing is always expected and unforgettable.

You can also find ways to soften the longing and make yourself present and in that, social networks and the internet have helped a lot and considerably facilitated communication between lovers.

Exchanging messages, making video calls and posting a photo with your love with cute statements, are things that ease the longing and feed the relationship, being delicate demonstrations of affection and that you are doing your best to be present.

The truth is that making the relationship healthy is a daily task and you can follow our next tips to have a happy and sustainable relationship even over long distances.

Tips for a healthy long-distance relationship

Simple things are the most important and sometimes it is precisely these simple things that we sin in a relationship, especially long-distance relationships, so how about starting to pay attention to the simplest things and doing them to make your relationship healthier ?

To help you even more, we have prepared 5 tips for you to make your relationship healthier even far from the ones you love, check it out:

1. Communication

The pillar of every relationship is dialogue and no relationship becomes sustainable without clear, direct and cohesive communication. Talking about absolutely everything is essential for the health of the relationship and, in addition to building trust, it allows you to align small disagreements that may arise.

Through communication, you also make yourself present in the other’s life and demonstrate how much you care about what the other is doing and feeling, even from afar. Therefore, the essential thing is that the couple talk as much as possible throughout the day , without interfering, of course, with your daily activities.

WhatsApp is an indispensable tool for couples who live far away and to facilitate dialogue it is also possible to use Skype or Facetime, email and why not romanticize even more and write letters?

The important thing is to talk about things that happen throughout the day (no matter how trivial they may be), random matters, important matters, problems, fears, small intercurrences, things that happen and we think are “silly”. Anyway, the essential thing is to share and both know their routines.

2. Include each other in your daily activities even if you are far apart

Showing that you care about the presence of the other even far away is something that brings you closer and makes the person understand the dimension of your feelings for them, so it is very important for the relationship to remain healthy, that the couple always include each other in your daily activities.

But how to do it? It’s simple, who doesn’t love watching a movie or series together? And this is possible even with the distance. You can watch the same series on Netflix, watch the same football game or even courses that are of interest to both of you.

It is also possible to take classes in pairs, such as language classes, yoga or practice some physical activity such as a dance class.

3. Also be close to the family

In a long-distance relationship, proximity to families is also impaired and in a healthy relationship it is also important that the couple get along with each other’s families.

In this way, try to be present in the lives of family members as well, as this demonstrates seriousness and commitment. The acceptance of the partner’s relatives will also help a lot to overcome the longing and, who knows, also in the decision to move closer to each other.

If communication with the family is not good, this will also damage the relationship and drive the couple further and further away, so make the effort to keep the family present.

4. Make plans and, above all, plan

Every couple has dreams and plans and this is an important part of the relationship, even for it to become more and more solid and evolve into a marriage in the future, and for couples who date at a distance, these dreams and plans are even more intense, because, with certainty, the greatest desire of both is to be able to reduce the distance and live together.

For this, it is important that the couple, far beyond dreaming, make a plan so that in the future the distance is reduced or simply no longer exists and this planning should be started from the first months of dating, with a plan to visit, for example , how many times a month will the couple see each other and who will be in charge of meeting each other.

Planning makes everything easier and lighter, in addition to showing that the couple is committed and really likes and wants to be together, so invest in planning for a healthy long-distance relationship.

5. Giving a gift is also making a gift

Another way to keep the relationship healthy is to present your love with small surprises and treats that will make the person feel your presence even from a distance.

That’s a way for you to say that you love and that you’re always around and better, you’re paying attention to the other person’s day to day details.

Things only long-distance couples understand

With all the notes on long-distance dating, we can only come to one conclusion: long-distance dating is for the best and for those who love and love A LOT , after all, only long-distance dating understands situations like these:

  • Missing that tightens the chest;
  • He has limited time to be with the one he loves and to live anxiously and anxiously for the moment of meeting and especially for the moment of farewell;
  • Getting too attached to the cell phone, after all, it is the greatest instrument of contact between you and your love;
  • Having a life going on in the real world and one in the virtual world;
  • Use social media more often than you’d like;
  • Live looking for ticket sales;
  • Having an object from the other that you use almost as an amulet;
  • Spend hours and even days traveling to be loved;

Ideas for things to do with your long- distance girlfriend

Long-distance dating does not mean missing out on special moments with your partner, it is possible to carry out various activities together and you can be inspired by our suggestions to make your relationship more romantic even from afar. Here are the tips:

  • Have an online picnic;
  • Watch movie and series together;
  • Practicing physical activities together using an online platform;
  • Listen to the same podcasts;
  • Share the same reading;
  • Make video call;
  • Have lunch, dinner or coffee together virtually;
  • Play some game online;
  • Shopping online together;
  • Gift something unique and special;


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