How to know if it's true love: 6 tips

To know if it’s true love, it’s essential to know how to listen to your own internal signals, from your heart; and external, that you live with the other.

Therefore, consider our notes below as a starting point for your self-analysis, not as a secret formula.

This way you will be able to have more freedom to analyze your situation and, in this way, recognize if it really is love. Prepared?

1. You respect each other

Even if they disagree on something, both treat the situation with maturity and respect for the other.

Surely your relationship has a special place in your life. That way, even in the absence of the other, you respect the relationship and take action to maintain it.

In addition, the opinion of the other is relevant. You always want to know what he thinks before making any big decisions.

2. There is trust

There are many toxic relationships these days. With the fever of social networks and the ease of meeting other people, trusting the other can be an almost impossible task.

However, according to studies , trust is a key factor when it comes to true love and a successful relationship.

3. You are fulfilled and no longer think about other relationships

Usually, to know if it’s true love, you have to pay attention to yourself.

Ask questions like: Am I happy? Am I fulfilled? Have I been thinking about past relationships?

The answers may give you clues as to whether you are satisfied – or not – with the relationship. And that is a determining factor for love.

4. Do you miss

An excellent indicator that everything is going well in the relationship is missing the other and wanting to see him/her. Better than that, is the feeling felt when noticing that the feeling is reciprocal.

Even if there is no special schedule, you are happy just being in the presence of your partner.

5. Your partner’s presence is comfortable even in the midst of silence

When we’re still in the infatuation phase or meeting a new person, the silence can be awkward.

But when love is already established, the tendency is for us to feel comfortable in the presence of the other, even when we don’t exchange a single word.

6. Do you feel free to be truthful?

Another important point, to know if it’s true love, is the way you act and position yourself in front of the other.

Do you feel comfortable? Or do you need, at all times, to police your words and your way of acting? Think about it.

Knowing the stages of great love can help you know if it’s true love.

Every relationship goes through good and bad phases. The big difference is that true love will overcome them all and remain stronger.

Understanding and analyzing the phases that precede the realization of a great love can also help when it comes to knowing if it is something true or not.

Therefore, below we list the stages of love so that you can analyze which stage you and your partner are in. Maybe this will also help you understand the moment better, right?

So let’s go:

1. fall in love

It is undoubtedly one of the best stages of all love relationships. Are you in love, reading love phrases .

Your body releases hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin, making you feel more and more attracted and happy in the relationship.

You believe everything the other person says, and you want to stay in love forever, because everything seems perfect and harmonious.

It is also the moment when we “idealize” our “elect”. That is, we create a mental image that he is perfect.

We are building a fantasy of an ideal person that, as the relationship progresses, this fantasy gives way to reality. But for now, our loved one is amazing, a superhero, the best person in the world.

2. Becoming a couple

The relationship deepens, and you become involved in a stable relationship. Even if you haven’t gotten married yet, the relationship becomes more routine and you already know each other better.

The moment is of union and joy, this is the phase that precedes the wedding for many couples.

However, for some people here, the first clues that “not everything is flowers” ​​are already starting to appear. But still the partner’s qualities tend to prevail.

3. Disillusionment or “fancy break”

Over time, the hormones of passion cease to directly influence your body.

Thus, you naturally begin to notice the small details regarding the other person’s attitudes and habits.

You start to pay more attention to that “annoying” habit. Recognizes the partner’s potential defects and tends to break the idealization of the perfect person/

At this stage, it is very common for couples to separate. After all, they don’t learn to deal with the disappointment that that person is imperfect.

On the other hand, it is in the disillusionment phase that your relationship can be strengthened. That’s because you decided to love the person for who they are.

That is, although the breakdown of idealization may appear, you still see the qualities of the partner. And, another interesting point, is that you can even “call” these defects. For you recognize that you are part of the other, and that’s okay.

4. Building a true and lasting love

After knowing your partner’s flaws and flaws, some relationships move to the next stage. Here, the establishment of true love takes place.

It is at this stage that a serious relationship based on love is really built. When you already know each other’s flaws and get used to them, without trying to change your partner.

So it is at this stage of the relationship is when the two of you decide to become allies. They also strengthen companionship so that they overcome doubts and differences between the two.

That way, if you believe you’re going through this phase, there’s a great chance you’ll conclude that it’s true love!

A true love is unique and special

The secret of true love is learning to accept differences and live each moment as if it were your last.

Each relationship is unique, and no matter how much experience you have, you have to respect the differences between people.

Therefore, to be sure whether you should still invest in the relationship, analyze the general context. What stage are you living in? How are you feeling in the relationship?

If you are happy, enjoy this moment and leave doubts aside! To build true love you need to invest emotionally in the relationship.

So, take advantage of our tips to assess whether it’s worth it, or if your relationship is in a phase that you can’t get over.

It is very common for people to get confused. Most think they are with the love of their lives, when in reality it was just a passing crush.

So, in addition to knowing what stage your relationship is at, it’s important to give it time!

That’s because relationships mature like this, like people. That way, the ideal is that you give time to time, and not be anxious or creating too many expectations about the other. That way you can avoid a more painful future disappointment.

Remember that true love will not make you suffer or be distressed. Being loved will bring you confidence, happiness and well-being.

If you are in a relationship that causes you suffering, anxiety, anguish or any other negative feeling, it’s time to reevaluate!

Regardless of whether or not you’ve found true love in someone else, always keep in mind that you must love yourself first.

So remember that you are special and unique and deserve to be treated with respect and love.


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