9 clues to know if your love can be your soulmate!

Does my relationship have a future? Or will it be a passing courtship? Check out 9 clues that will help you to know if your love really can be your soulmate!

The orange half, or the soulmate… There are innumerable ways of portraying it, at the end of the day everything comes down to having the conviction that You have picked the individual with whom you need to use whatever might remain of your life.

But is it really him? We present 9 clues to know if his love is really his soulmate. Stay tuned!

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1. Meaningless

When we ask couples who have been together for many years, “How did you know this was the person of your life”?  The answer always seems to be the same: “I just knew” . Love really is meaningless and lacks any and all logic. When you don’t wonder why the love you feel, that IS LOVE!

2. Permanent miss

It’s one of the clearest proofs that you’ve found your half of the orange. Your love is by your side, hugging you, but you know he’s going to have to leave and you won’t see each other for 12 hours and you start to sweat cold and feel HEALTHY ahead of time!

3. Eye to eye

Understanding everything with just one look: this type of complicity is something very special and also proof that you were made for each other. When a look says more than words , there is a unique harmony between the couple.

4. Planning for the future

If you make plans for the future and your partner always appears in them, be clear: he is your soul mate! If he/she also makes plans for the future with you (besides planning a vacation together), you definitely feel indispensable to each other.

5. Be yourself all the time

Never hide feelings, feel that you are you all the time. When you’re not ashamed to tell that infamous joke, or laugh out loud, jump up and sing under the shower . You have the feeling that you have known each other for years and the certainty that there will never be any reproach or destructive criticism between you. You love what you are and how you are. Yes, your love is your better half!

6. Better together than apart

As that old grandmother saying goes, or was it my mother’s?

“If it’s to be together, let it be to add up; if it is to subtract, better alone”

You have to feel that next to this special person you are happier, you are a better person. You feel it grows by your side. A relationship between two people who “belong” together makes them much stronger and better than apart.

7. Independence and love

Being in love with someone doesn’t mean being glued to them 24 hours a day. In all relationships, people need to maintain their independence without this being a problem for the other. If you feel comfortable with your respective friends, books, hobbies and thoughts, this is a sign that your relationship is going very well and that it is very likely that the other is the ideal partner for you.

8. Chemistry

Sex life is another important point to check how the relationship is going. If you are in tune in bed, this is a sign that things are very good between you. The most important thing when it comes to sex life is meeting the other’s expectations and giving yourself body and soul!

9. Constructive Discussions

It’s impossible, and boring, to agree on everything all the time and you probably have that with your soul mate! It is essential that you have a minimum in common so that the project of life for two can be successfully achieved, but this has nothing to do with differences of opinion on other matters. He can root for one team, you for another. He may like movies more, and you like theater. Being different can be super constructive as long as there is respect.

If you argue and manage to love each other more and more and never lack respect for each other: Yes, this person totally different from you can be your soulmate without a doubt!


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