6 ways to ask someone on a date

Taking the first step in any decision is something that generates butterflies in your stomach, isn’t it? When it comes to dating, then, don’t even talk. That’s why many couples, before saying the first “I accept” of the relationship, feel insecure about the dating request.

If you ended up here, it means you want to show someone how special they are. The good news is that there are several ways to show our feelings for someone, but one of them is different and special: the dating request .

That’s why we decided to help you with amazing tips on what to do before putting on your dating rings . Check out!

How to make a creative dating request?

To make a perfect order, you need to pay attention to some details, but that can make all the difference. After all, everything involving two people requires extra care. Check it out:

  • Beware of public requests: the partner may not like the exposure and feel bad about the public request.
  • Use your talents : can you sing? To dance? To design? Play an instrument? Use your talents to surprise your sweetheart when asking him to marry you, it will give the moment a personal touch.
  • Know the tastes of the person: try to make the request based on the tastes of your love, because in addition to being easier to please, you will make the moment much more special.
  • Get inspired by movies and TV series : romantic movies bring those clich├ęs, but at the same time bring out the most creative and passionate ideas.
  • Pay attention to what your lover has already said: it may be that the partner has already given hints about what he or she thinks is cool or not in a dating request, so it’s worth remembering if you’ve already heard something like that.

These are some of the tips for making the request in a creative and pleasant way for the couple. And to open your mind and get inspired, we’ve chosen 6 dating proposal ideas. From the simplest to the most elaborate, you just have to choose your style and surprise your love.

1. Plan a romantic dinner:

For more traditional and romantic couples, who prefer a more sophisticated moment, the tip is to prepare a special dinner with a decorated table, candles and rose petals. For those who are not big fans of cooking, order a dinner with your favorite dishes at a restaurant and also order a delicious dessert.

For more traditional and romantic couples, who prefer a more sophisticated moment, the tip is to prepare a special dinner with a decorated table, candles and rose petals. For those who are not a big fan of staying in the kitchen, order a dinner with your favorite dishes at a restaurant and also order a delicious dessert.

2. Make a scrapbook:

The scrapbook, literally, means scrapbook. You can put together a book/album telling the couple’s story through photos and collages that report special moments.

Example: date you met, first photo together, special celebrations, also gather the photos and messages exchanged during the phase in which they met and put together a book with these special memories. How about putting on the last page: “Do you want to date me?”

3. Create a special travel itinerary:

You know that place you really want to know? There are several options that offer excellent value for money, such as: beaches, romantic tourist towns, cruises… Think of a special place.

4. Think of something out of the routine:

If the couple is more sporty and has an adventurous spirit, plan something related to the area. It could be a simple bike ride or even a hike.

Imagine visiting that waterfall, practicing abseiling, ziplining, skydiving, taking surf lessons or climbing a mountain to enjoy the sunset and even ask for a date?

Without a doubt, your celebration will be different and special, as it involves the beauty of being connected with nature!

5. Have a romantic picnic:

Put together a basket with everything you both like, choose a place in a park or square in your city and enjoy. If possible, choose a place that has a green area and a nice space for the couple to have a special moment.

6. Surprise with beautiful dating rings:

Dating rings are, without a doubt, the greatest symbol of love to represent a couple’s story.


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