4 tips for a creative dating request

When we’re in love, it’s common for a creative dating request to be something we seek with dedication.

After all, among so many positive feelings, passion is one of those that do us the most good and, therefore, the desire to create such a special moment affects many people.

On the other hand, we understand that, most of the time, making a surprise dating request is not that simple.

After all, throughout the planning, we discover that even the smallest details can make a difference to make everything more special.

Doubts also vary greatly: from what the loved one would most like to win, to what she might not like when asked to be a boyfriend.

Thinking of guiding you to that important moment, we’ve put together the most essential tips for a creative dating request .

Continue reading and get inspired!

What to analyze for a creative dating request?

For a creative and successful dating application, consider the likes and preferences of the people you love.

Contrary to popular belief, there are several types of creative dating requests that can be made.

Some are more elaborate, with fun details, while others carry a discreet and intrinsic proposal.

Whatever your ideal option, there are some precautions and measures that can be taken to make this occasion perfect.

They can even prevent the dating request from having any discomfort on the part of either party.

Read on to find out what they are!

The person’s personality

As much as it is great to think about the different paths that can lead to this moment, it is important to keep in mind that each person has unique tastes and personality.

A creative public courtship request , for example, may not be very pleasant for someone who is shy.

After all, these people tend to feel more comfortable with less exposure, and may not receive the surprise as positively as an extrovert.

Therefore, it is essential to know the way of being of the loved one before taking the first step.

Find out about preferences and hobbies

If you want to learn how to ask someone on a date , it is essential to delve into the person’s tastes.

Find out about their hobbies, favorite places, favorite music and other essential details that can be useful during the organization.

After all, the more this surprise matches your person’s tastes, the more special and unique the moment will be.

use your talents

Using your skills can be a great way to secure a creative dating request .

Couples often take advantage of the moment to dance, play a cool instrument, sing a song or any other artistic practice.

This is a great feature to make the occasion special.

What is your most unique talent? Put it into practice, uniting what you love to do with this special moment.

Observing and respecting time is essential

Sometimes a dating request can come at the wrong time.

If that’s the case for you, remember: understanding the other person’s feelings is always key before taking this step.

Avoid running over the emotions of the moment, or even accelerating the progress of such a precious relationship.

After all, each relationship has its time to happen and, for all of them, what really counts are the minimum demonstrations of companionship.

What is the best creative dating application?

When we talk about a creative dating request , there are several practical options that we can follow.

Choosing the best among them, then, must be based on the characteristics and preferences we mentioned earlier.

To help you with this choice, we have listed some interesting examples in the topics below.

1. How to make a creative and simple dating request?

A surprise dating request can be made in different styles of moments for two.

To start our practical tips, let’s learn how to make a simple and creative dating request , but at the same time, romantic.

This is because, for this scenario, it is not necessary to create an extremely elaborate and sophisticated event.

With care and attention, it is possible to build unforgettable moments, which will be kept with affection.

In this sense, there are some proposals that, while being classic, can help you prepare an unforgettable dating request :

Romantic dinner

For people who like peaceful moments together, a positive way to ask for a surprise date can be to prepare a dinner for two .

It is possible to choose a recipe that you both enjoy, preparing the environment with elements such as, for example, candles.

In this way, you contribute to a dish that is not necessarily exquisite, or very sophisticated, but unforgettable;

To make the moment even more special, you can choose a good drink to toast, such as wine, or even a champagne of your choice;
Finishing off your creative and simple dating request , an always welcome possibility is to bet on jewelry .

After all, these accessories are, in addition to being beautiful, a symbol of noble and eternal feelings.

They are also known to be resistant, being able to accompany anyone for a long time and, under the context we are dealing with, they can be the perfect complement.

Another peaceful and, at the same time, romantic way to propose a date is by preparing a special picnic .

It can be done in parks, places, beaches and even in your backyard.

For your planning to be successful, we have listed some important steps to follow:

Prepare the environment carefully, thinking about comfort during the picnic.

If the dating request is made in the middle of nature, for example, make sure to bring a nice and comfortable towel so that they can enjoy it without any inconvenience.

Ensure light foods and snacks that are easy to handle and, of course, that fit the taste of both;
As it is a dating request, you can also bring flowers (or even a bouquet) that your loved one prefers.

Despite being quite simple, a request for courtship during a picnic demands attention, and a lot of care. Therefore, it also enters our creative list.

2. Fun dating application

For humorous couples, there are several creative and, at the same time, fun dating proposal ideas.

In that sense, dating games are undeniably a humorous way to approach such an unforgettable moment and will undoubtedly always be remembered fondly.

In this case, it is possible to invest in a board game, tutorial or guide , for example.

With them, you can create crosswords, seven mistakes and several other happy games, which also show a lot of dedication and affection.

To better understand how to assemble them, there are several tutorials and even videos, all in the DIY style (“do it yourself”), present on the internet.

From these guides, the road to a creative (and fun) dating request can become easier.

3. Beach dating request

Many people love contact with nature. If you and your partner fall into this category, asking for a date on the beach might be the right way to go.

With the possibility of going to this place, it is possible to organize a romantic luau, or even order a peaceful boat trip.

For the case of a date on the beach at night, there is still the possibility of decorating the space with candles, lamps and small yellow lights.

In addition to creating a pleasant moment, you may also feel that, being in an environment where you both enjoy being, the creative dating request can become even more special.

4. Long-distance dating request

A date on the beach at night, or even during the day, can be a great way for couples who love nature.

With the wide dissemination of the means of communication, nowadays, it is very common for people, even geographically distant, to fall in love.

Today, there are couples who live in different cities, states or even countries – always communicating through apps and phone calls.

If that’s the case for you, there are also some practical tips for a creative long-distance dating request.

Are they:

Video call: to make a long-distance dating request , a good solution is to make a video call and declare yourself to your love;
Show your skills: in case you have artistic skills, this is the time to play a song on the guitar, or even sing a special song;
Send a gift: currently, we still have the option of ordering a gift to ask for a date .

In this situation, there are quite relevant solutions: jewelry, for example, can be delivered in a few days to the home of the loved one.

This is a practical (but equally charming) alternative to forwarding an engagement ring, or a beautiful accessory, as a way to strengthen a relationship.


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