10 simple 1 year dating surprise tips

Completing a year of dating is a milestone in a couple’s life. Therefore, worrying about the ideal gift for that date can leave you with many doubts, right? But for that, rest assured, because we have prepared this article with 10 gift ideas for this celebration. Learn more in the post!

What to do for 1 year of dating?

The perfect gift for a year of dating needs to be very romantic, after all, we are talking about a moment that marks an entire trip of the Earth around the Sun together with the loved one. In this way, the occasion must express all your happiness and emotion for completing the first year of this love . Gifts that honor the couple’s history and the couple’s relationship goals , are the best.

How to choose the ideal gift for a year of dating?

First, it’s important that you take into account everything you want to show with this gift: affection, happiness, emotion for experiencing something so special. All of this needs to be somehow expressed through the gift you are going to buy or make.

Gifts that bring memories of the history of this one year of dating are a good option. In this case, items that promote good memories, that remember important moments of the relationship and also the famous DIY (Do It Yourself), which are those gifts that you can make by hand and leave completely personalized, such as a text containing the best moments lived.

Another thing that will help you a lot is the following: think about the experience that this gift will provide. What will the other person’s reaction be when they receive it? Gifts that are not just physical, but that surprise the bae , are usually the best.

Here are some simple and economical tips that we have prepared for you to surprise your love on this very special date:

1. Romantic dinner:

This one is definitely at the top of wedding celebration activities. Dinner can be made by yourself, but mainly please the couple. While it’s a common activity, it can also present a touch of creativity and a way to save! Decorating the room with memories of the couple is also a good idea.

2. Picnic:

Picnics are ideal for sunny afternoons . It’s the perfect celebratory activity for couples who love a more relaxed atmosphere and enjoy being in touch with nature. You can buy ready-made food or even get together and cook together.

3. Love letter:

If you’re part of the shy club, this is an excellent way to show all the affection you feel for your loved one without dying of embarrassment. You can do it the old-fashioned way and send a letter in the mail or deliver it in person . The letter can be typed or handwritten, which makes it even more romantic.

For those with artistic gifts, it is also worth writing one or several poems that express their affection. If you play a musical instrument, it is also valid to compose a song and record it for your love .

4. Film session:

If you’re a movie buff couple, it’s worth making a list of movies you want to see (or review) and celebrate the date by watching them all . For this item, it is also possible to include a basket with several cheap foods to eat during the movie session.

5. Plant a tree:

For nature lovers, nothing is more romantic and incredible than planting a tree together and watching it grow over the years. Tree growth is a way of visualizing and materializing the growth process of your relationship.

6. Home spa:

Prepare a night of relaxation for yourselves without leaving home . Set the scene with scented candles, flowers, light snacks and comfortable robes for you to wear.

7. Watch the sky together:

To perform this item, it may be necessary to move away from the city, especially if the intention is to observe the night sky, since the city lights end up overshadowing the stars. You can combine a night of camping and observe the stars, constellations and stars together. It pays to study astrology a little and learn a little more about it together.

The couple can also move to a place with a privileged view of the sky within the city itself and watch the sunrise or sunset. The intention of this commemorative activity is to bring the couple together to spend time just enjoying nature and each other’s company. other.

8. Decorated cakes:

A gift that has grown a lot are the decorated cakes, with fun phrases and/or inside jokes that only the couple understands, they are the so-called bento cakes , it’s a creative idea that you can put your hand in the dough!

9. Alliances:

If you’re completing a year of dating and you and your love still don’t wear promise rings , then this is a great opportunity to buy them and give them as gifts on that day . Surely, this gift is infallible to surprise and please on that date.

10. Accessories:

For the couple who, in addition to rings, like to wear accessories that have an affective meaning, it is worth investing in bracelets or necklaces . One tip is to buy the same accessory for each one and thus have one more bond of affection.


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