10 secrets to give an unforgettable kiss

A kiss with a footprint can make all the difference when it comes to winning over a person. In addition to being a demonstration of affection, love and affection, it can also demonstrate your potential in bed.

Therefore, having a good footprint is so important if you want to take the achievement to other levels and, who knows, even engage in a serious relationship !

After all, there’s a big difference between kissing well and driving him crazy and asking for more, agree? For this, it is necessary to make making out more energetic and carnal.

Do you want to surprise and drive your partner crazy? So check out in this text 10 tips for a kiss with footprint.

How to give a kiss with a strong and unforgettable grip – Key tips!

First of all, it is important to remember the importance of chemistry. That is, even if you train and develop the “best kiss in the world”, if there is no climate, nothing will help.

This means that the kiss should not be an attitude of desperation, but something that both are looking forward to. This way the chemistry will flow and your tactics will drive the other person crazy for you!

That said, let’s move on to our tips for today:

1. Have an irresistible breath for a good kiss with footprint

If there’s one thing that breaks the boner, it’s kissing someone who has bad breath. This is the surefire recipe to completely ruin your kiss. So that this does not happen, always have fresh and irresistible breath.

This even seems a little obvious, but you can be sure that no matter how good you kiss, if you have unpleasant breath, it won’t help.

Always have candy and gum close to you. That way, you won’t be caught off guard when you’re going to kiss your partner.

2. The closer, the better the kiss

Physical contact is essential for a kiss with a grip. Get close, touch, feel, hug and caress the person while giving that unforgettable and intense kiss.

The physical approach is very important, as it demonstrates confidence and interest, in addition to increasing the horny much more.

The greater and more energetic the physical contact, the more spicy the kiss will be. This will make the person crazy to move on and move on to the next step.

3. A kiss with a grip should be provocative

This tip is golden! In the middle of the kiss, when you’re both completely engaged, slowly move your hand into the other’s hair and abruptly push your head back, only so that your lips are only inches apart.

Look deeply into her eyes for a few seconds, maybe even smirk, and then go back to kissing again.

Without a doubt, this will leave your partner climbing the walls and make your kiss much more intense, in addition to leaving that taste of wanting more!

4. Increase the intensity of the kiss little by little

A kiss with a grip should gradually increase in intensity as the weather warms up. Don’t go straight with so much vigor as if you want to swallow the other.

At first, be gentle. Touch gently and make some mischievous caresses. Gradually, as the excitement builds, increase the intensity and power of your kiss.
Thus, everything will occur in a much more natural and piquant way.

5. Use your hands to kiss with a strong grip

One of the biggest secrets to having a kiss with a grip is using and abusing touch with your hands. It’s not just the movement of the tongue that makes the kiss sensational and unforgettable.

You need to caress, gently or even more intensely touch your partner’s entire body.

Play a little with the hair, back, arms, just any part you want. The touch will bring much more horny to the kiss and will drive him or her completely crazy.

6. Don’t forget the neck

In addition to kissing her lips a lot and caressing her, you can’t forget about her neck. There’s no way to give a kiss with a footprint if one of the two forgets this part.

The neck is an erogenous region and one of the most sensitive of the body, therefore, giving importance to it is essential to excite both in a much more intense way. Give kisses, caresses and even delicate bites to drive him crazy with pleasure.

This will undoubtedly be a big plus for a much hotter kiss.

7. Whisper in the ear

Another tip that helps the kiss to be much more intense is to whisper in his ear.

Slowly move your head to the side and say something softly that is sweet, or even spicy, depending on the mood. Then look deeply into their eyes and kiss them again.

This will undoubtedly make your partner shiver from head to toe and give your kiss a special taste.

8. Know when to stop

Even if most of the time the two don’t intend to stop anytime soon, you have to be aware of the other’s body signals and know when to stop.

Also, interrupting the kiss at the right time makes you much more willing to repeat the dose on a next date or even take it to another level.

Without a doubt, this will prolong the boner and the mood, making you want more of it!

But no ending the kiss abruptly, huh? See our next tip!

9. End the kiss gently

For the kiss to be truly unforgettable, it shouldn’t end overnight. It is necessary to finish in a delicate way, with some kisses and pecks.

Make subtle caresses and say goodbye with a penetrating look to make your partner look forward to seeing you again.

This is also a very important point to give a kiss with a grip.

10. Look for a more intimate place

Without this point, it is very difficult to comply with the other tips presented above.

For a deep kiss, you need to be in a private, intimate place where you can be sure you won’t be interrupted. Otherwise, it can ruin the whole mood.

Explicit display of affection in public is not something very comfortable, so look for a place where you can feel comfortable to make good and long.

Did you learn to kiss with a footprint?

A kiss can be just the beginning of many things, and it can also be the end if you disappoint the suitor. The most important thing is that you put this advice into practice and that you are 100% in the moment.

Enjoy all the sensations, feel the kissed person, caress… Contrary to what many people think, a good kiss is not about putting the person against the wall and acting crazy. The kiss should be natural and intense.

We are sure that these 10 tips for a passionate kiss will make you surprise and drive your partner even more crazy! Now, just practice.


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