10 attitudes that improve any relationship for two

Falling into routine and letting life as a couple become a boring compromise is a common stage in a two-way relationship after a while. This does not happen by chance, as a relationship goes through a series of transformations over the years. Over time, passion ceases to be cultivated with the care it deserves and gives way to other priorities and commitments, such as children and a professional career.

When that happens, you need to get out of autopilot and recapture the fun and excitement of the early years. Want to know how to revive your relationship for two? Check out 10 attitudes that can be taken to improve your relationship !

1. Make time simply for the two of you.

Dealing with numerous tasks throughout the day takes the couple to get used to the little time they spend together. But failing to invest in the relationship and expecting the partner to be always available is an attitude that should be avoided.

The first step is to assess which commitments can be put on the back burner and make room in the agenda to spend more time together. Set aside a few hours a week, plan something you both enjoy, and shut out all distractions.

2. Don’t lose interest in what your partner has to say

Keep in mind that even after many years together, there is always something to learn about your partner. Just like lovers who are getting to know each other, it is essential that intimacy does not diminish interest in the news that you have to share.

In addition to strengthening the affective bond, dialogue helps to understand the needs of the loved one, which can change over the years. Talking about what’s going on in each other’s lives should be part of every stage of the relationship.

3. Rescuing the habit of showing affection

As the relationship cools down, physical contact, declarations of love and spontaneous gestures may become less and less frequent.

But small displays of affection and the verbalization of love never hurt. With that in mind, try to invest more in the caresses and passionate kisses that are so common on first dates.

Caresses, hugs and treats to surprise the partner, such as coffee in bed or unexpected gifts, are also welcome attitudes to restore physical proximity and show the partner how important he is in your life.

4. Try new things in the relationship

Stepping out of the comfort zone and trying new things can breathe new life into your relationship. That is, whenever possible, invent ways to break the routine and explore new interests.

Even the couple’s rituals can gain new meanings through small changes such as, for example, dining in restaurants they don’t usually go to .

The tip also applies in relation to sex. Especially when it stops being exciting and desired and becomes something boring and repetitive. Instead of avoiding him, talk and test new alternatives to make these intimate moments more frequent.

5. Discover new places

Breathing new air and forgetting a little about problems and worries is a habit that every couple needs to practice from time to time. After all, traveling and discovering new places helps to renew energy and improve the relationship between two.

6. Compliment your partner more often

If all of your powers of observation are devoted to identifying your partner’s flaws, this list will continue to grow. How about changing the focus of attention?

Take a moment and reflect on what were the qualities that most enchanted you in the first year of the relationship. Try to remember the reasons that made you like each other.

So try to praise every gesture of kindness or solidarity, every demonstration of strength or intelligence. Every time you praise something you like, you increase the chances of that behavior repeating itself!

7. Share housework

If the housework hasn’t been shared yet, it could be undermining your relationship! Taking care of the house and the children is exhausting and, even if only one of the partners works outside the home, the responsibility needs to be shared by both.

These tasks have different characteristics, as they don’t respect schedules, they don’t care if you’re sick, and they never end. There are no  vacations or days off when it comes to domestic commitments.

That’s why it’s important that everyone participates. Including children, as they are old enough to collaborate. The joint effort unites the family and prevents anyone from being overwhelmed.

8. Avoid comparisons

This habit can and must be abolished. No one knows what happens between four walls and you may be seeing a green lawn with no shortage of weeds.

Furthermore, what happens at the neighbor’s house is not a parameter for you, as each one has a unique dynamic. What’s good for one couple won’t necessarily make the other happy.

The healthiest thing is not to measure the romantic success or financial success of other couples. This takes the pressure off and gives you space to focus on your own happiness.

9. Make plans

Nothing like a common goal to bring people together. How about setting some medium and long term goals? The exercise of expressing one’s own dreams takes anyone out of the rut and seeking to fulfill them makes life worthwhile.

Any goal is valid, as long as it touches the hearts of both. It could be a house renovation or acquiring an apartment on the beach. A gap year or retirement plans.

One of the partners may want to change professions and this can be planned and made possible together. But it can also be something more commonplace, such as seeking a healthier routine and introducing exercise into your daily routine. Building a life plan together can strengthen the partnership and enhance each other’s strengths.

10. Celebrate wins together

Everyday life tends to put us to the test and confront us with difficulties and challenges. There’s no getting away from it, and ignoring defeats can further complicate a relationship.

But a routine is not just made of failures. Why, then, not use each small or large achievement as a pretext for a beautiful celebration? The idea is to make life more fun and rewarding.

Celebrate being lucky to have each other, a new job, a child’s high grade, the joy of being able to relax during a holiday. With that in mind, it will be easy to turn any little time together into something special. A relationship does not need to have an expiration date . Something lasting can be valuable and fun along every step of the way!


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